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Aims and scope

Aims and scope

Globalization and Health is a pioneering transdisciplinary journal that situates public health and well-being within the dynamic forces of global development. We are dedicated to publishing high-quality, original research exploring how globalization processes affect global public health through their impacts on health systems and the social, economic, commercial, and political determinants of health.

We embrace policy, health systems, political economy, international relations and community perspectives. Single-country studies are welcome if they highlight global/globalization mechanisms and/or relevance to global-level policy discourse and decision-making.

The journal includes sections dedicated to a broad range of topics, including:

We publish original research (max 8000 words excluding references) and commentaries (max 3000 words excluding references), as well as evidence reviews (max 8000 words). We no longer accept bibliometric analyses.

Globalization & Health is an open-access journal and actively encourages submissions from authors in all world regions and from junior scholars.

Please note: This is a speciality journal that focuses on globalization-related aspects of health. It does not publish global or national disease epidemiological or health care/system studies unless these contain specific analyses of how globalization-related processes inform the outcomes of the studies. Please read the Sections' descriptions to know more about the journal's aims and scope.