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Featured series: Trade and health

Trade and health © enanuchit / FotoliaThis special series includes articles that span a range of health and trade issues, examining empirically and theoretically how our new regimes of economic liberalization create some benefit, but portend new risks, for global public health. The series begins with a collection and retrospective commentary on articles published between 2006 and 2018. New contributions to the journal will continue to be added to this series, creating a singular venue for readers interested in how trade and investment treaties are reshaping health environments, and the politics and economics that, in turn, shape the treaties themselves.

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Innovation in health systems in low- and middle-income countries

There is growing interest in new technologies and innovative organizational methods as a way to improve health systems, however, only a small proportion of the many investments in innovations have been shown to impact performance. The papers in this series analyze the factors that enable and constrain the emergence and diffusion of health system innovations. 

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Blog: Health systems and gender: what do we need to know and why does it matter?

Health systems and genderHow do health systems contribute to gender equity? New research published in Globalization and Health examines four post-conflict nations, finding the healthcare systems to be gender blind and in turn reinforcing cultural gender inequity. Here, lead author, Valerie Percival, talks about the findings and the myriad of questions that this complex research raises.

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Aims and scope

Boldly situating public health and wellbeing within the dynamic forces of global development, Globalization and Health is a pioneering, transdisciplinary journal dedicated to improving the health-related decisions of researchers, practitioners, governments, civil societies, and United Nations agencies. 

Globalization and Health is an inclusive journal, encouraging authors to position their studies within contemporary global debates while promoting the innovation of new possibilities for public health, globally. We are dedicated to supporting the breadth of topics and issues underpinning this emerging and divergent area of research, and welcome papers exploring how globalization processes affect health through their impacts on health systems and the social, economic, commercial, and political determinants of health.

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Ronald Labonté, University of Ottawa, Canada
Greg Martin, Health Services Executive, Ireland

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Do you want to write and publish an academic or scientific paper? In his latest video, co-Editor-in-Chief Greg Martin talks you through some of the best practices for writing.

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Ronald Labonté, Editor-in-Chief

Ronald Labonté is a Professor in the School of Public Health and Epidemiology, University of Ottawa, Canada, and Distinguished Research Chair in Globalization and Health Equity. His current work focuses on the political economy of trade and health, health worker migration, medical tourism, health system reform, and global health diplomacy. He chaired the Globalization Knowledge Network for the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health, consults with UN agencies, governments and civil society organizations, and is active in the Peoples’ Health Movement. He enjoyed an earlier career as a health promotion consultant working in Canada and internationally on the social determinants of health equity.

Greg Martin, Editor-in-Chief

Greg Martin is a South African doctor with an MPH and MBA. Dr Martin is currently a Specialist Registrar in Public Health Medicine in Dublin, Ireland. His previous roles have included: the Director of EMTCT at the Clinton Health Access Initiative, the Head of Science and Research at the World Cancer Research Fund and the Chief Operations Officer at UGI. Dr Martin is also the founder and host of This Week in Global Health, a weekly global health news roundup.


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