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Section Editor: Manisha Kulkarni, University of Ottawa, Canada
Deputy Section Editors: Alessandra Ferrario, Harvard Medical School, USA and Fiona Cianci, Health Service Executive, Dublin, Ireland

Diseases increasingly have cross-border causes and consequences. Global health security has become a foreign policy issue for many countries, linked to risks of pandemic influenza, and XDR (extreme drug resistant) and AMR (antimicrobial resistant) infections; and affected by weak health systems, population movements and lack of access to medicines. Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) have recently become foci for international cooperation, policy/program development and knowledge sharing. ‘Vectors’ (social determinants) for NCDs include such globalization-related pathways as trade (and trade treaties), foreign investment (and investment treaties), and economic growth and urbanization associated with global economic integration. Most papers submitted to this journal are presumed to utilize some health data; papers submitted under this topic will have either (one or more) infectious disease or NCD as their particular focus, applying epidemiological or other research methods to examine the magnitude, distribution and globalization-related risk factors affecting their prevalence, severity and/or population distribution.

  1. Content type: Research

    The Human Immunodeficiency Virus /Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is not just a medical problem but its social impact is increasingly affecting its effective management. The fear of HIV-stigma c...

    Authors: Atem Bethel Ajong, Philip Nana Njotang, Ngholapeh Emmanuel Nghoniji, Marie José Essi, Martin Ndinakie Yakum, Valirie Ndip Agbor and Bruno Kenfack

    Citation: Globalization and Health 2018 14:56

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    Neonatal mortality is declining slowly compared to under-five mortality in many developing countries including Afghanistan. About three-fourths of these deaths occur in the early neonatal period (i.e., the fir...

    Authors: Gulam Muhammed Al Kibria, Vanessa Burrowes, Allysha Choudhury, Atia Sharmeen, Swagata Ghosh, Arif Mahmud and Angela KC

    Citation: Globalization and Health 2018 14:47

    Published on:

  3. Content type: Research

    A qualitative study of key informant semi-structured interviews were conducted between March and July 2016 in Mexico and India to achieve the following aims: to explore corporations’ and stakeholders’ views, a...

    Authors: Heather Wipfli, Kristin Dessie Zacharias, Nuvjote (Nivvy) Hundal, Luz Myriam Reynales Shigematsu, Deepika Bahl, Monika Arora, Shalini Bassi and Shubha Kumar

    Citation: Globalization and Health 2018 14:46

    Published on: