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Open collections

Cross border infectious disease threats: governance and preparedness
Edited by Michael A. Stoto, Pepita Barlow, Michael Clarke

Trade and health
Edited by Arne Ruckert, Ashley Schram and Ronald Labonté

Reverse innovation in global health systems: learning from low-income countries
Edited by Viva Dadwal, Matthew Harris, and Shams Syed

Closed collections

Cross-journal collections
Digital public health

Developments in global tobacco and alcohol policy

Environmental justice and policy research 

Spatial inequality, infectious diseases and disease control

Contribution of climate change to the spread of infectious diseases

Human migration, conflict and infectious diseases

Medical tourism: concepts, ethics, and practices
Edited by Tulsi Patel and Silke Schicktanz

Food for thought: safety in the global food chain

World AIDS Day 2012

Article collections
Mental health impacts of COVID-19
Edited by Runsen Chen and Yuanyuan Wang

Health in the SDGs: Intersectoral action for health
Edited by Sameera Hussain, Dena Javadi, Jean Andrey, Ronald Labonté and Abdul Ghaffar

Innovation in health systems in low- and middle-income countries
Edited by Priya Balasubramanian, Desta Lakew, Gerald Bloom and Carolina Szyp

Health partnerships: an effective response to the global health agenda
Edited by Sophie Pinder

Health systems interventions for improving maternal health
Edited by Matthew Chersich, Duane Blaauw and Stanley Luchters

The future of health markets

The epidemiological and economic burden of diabetes and health policy in different health care systems
Edited by Panos Kanavos and Alessandra Ferrario

'Chronicity' and chronic health conditions: implications for health and health care
Edited by S Yasin, P Allotey, D D Reidpath, C Chan, E Pitchforth and A de-Graft Aikins

Health systems, health economies and globalization: social science perspectives
Edited by Susan F Murray, Rama Baru, Emma Pitchforth and Ramila Bisht

Case studies of non-communicable disease action around the world: successes, barriers, and lessons learned

Africa's chronic disease burden: local and global perspectives
Edited by Ama de-Graft Aikins, Nigel Unwin, Charles Agyemang, Pascale Allotey, Catherine Campbell, Daniel K. Arhinful and Emma Pitchforth

Globalization and the HIV epidemic

Annual Journal Metrics