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Table 2 Ministry of health financing for NCDs [provided by personal communication: Ministry of Health Ministerial Policy Statement 2014/2015, the Republic of Uganda]

From: Looking at non-communicable diseases in Uganda through a local lens: an analysis using locally derived data

  Approximate budget (USD), 2014-15 Percent of total MOH budget
Ministry of Health 240,000,000 -
Source: Government of Uganda 20,000,000 8.3
Source: External financing 220,000,000 91.7
Department of Community Health 902,000 0.37
Programme for the Prevention and Control of NCDs 27,000* 0.011
  1. *The NCD Programme budget was increased from 3% (27,000USD) of Department of Community Health budget to 25% (250,000USD) for 2014-15 to fund the STEPS survey.