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Table 2 Africa funder and support organisations of HIV/HPV co-infection studies from 1990 to 2019

From: Meta-synthesis and science mapping analysis of HIV/HPV co-infection: a global perspective with emphasis on Africa

Authors DOI Funders and Grant Number Publication Source Region/Continent/Countries
Chambuso et al., 2019 [19] National research foundation of South Africa (NRF) (grant number: 64815) Frontiers in Oncology South Africa
Nelson et al., 2019 [86] Canadian Institute Of Health Research Grant \#Het-85,518,Ontario Hiv Treatment Network Grant \#Ahrc G-1066 And Ontario Hiv Treatment Network Knowledge, Translation And Exchange Grant, University Of Rochester Center For Aids Research, An Nih-Funded Program (P30 Ai078498). BMC Infectious Diseases African-Caribbean
Marembo et al., 2019 [69] National Aids Council And The Department Of Medical Microbiology (Uz) Intervirology Zimbabwe
Chambuso et al., 2019 [19] Postgraduate Academic Mobility For African Physician-Scientists (Pamaps), European Union.; South African Medical Research Council, Clinical Gynaecological Cancer Research Centre, University Of Cape Town, South Africa.; National Research Foundation Of South Africa (Grant Number: 64815); National Health Laboratory Service Of South Africa (Grant Number: 004\_94678) Journal of Cancer South Africa
Campos et al., 2018 [17] National Cancer Institute (U01ca199334) And The Bill \& Melinda Gates Foundation (Opp1086544). United States Agency For International Development (Usaid), Award Number Aid-674-A-12-00029; Jaids-Journal Of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes South Africa
Mandishora et al., 2018 [67] Letten Foundation Grant Papillomavirus Research Harare, Zimbabwe
Menon et al., 2018 [77] Fonds Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (P175/10/2005). The Fp7-Funded Research Consortium (Hpv-Ahead) And The Interreg-Supported Elektron Consortium Virology Journal Mombasa, Kenya
Menezes et al., 2018 [76] Merck Sharp \& Dohme. Merck (Iisp39582) Sexually Transmitted Infections Western Cape, South Africa
Mandishora et al., 2017 [66] Letten Foundation Norway Journal of Medical Virology Harare, Zimbabwe
Meiring et al., 2017 [74] Poliomyelitis Research Foundation [Grant Number 11/24] And South African Research Chairs Initiative of The Department Of Science And Technology [Grant Number 64815]. Tlm Was Supported By Awards From The National Research Foundation South Africa And Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Initiative (Wellcome Trust). Papillomavirus Research South Africa
Ginindza et al., 2017 [43] University Of Kwazulu-Natal College Of Health Sciences Doctoral Research, And Health And Welfare Sector Education And Training Authority (Hwaseta). Open Access Publication From The Victor Daitz Information Gateway, An Initiative Of The Victor Daitz Foundation And The University Of Kwazulu-Natal. Plos One Swaziland.
Menon et al., 2017 [78] The Vlir Iuc Moi University Infectious Agents And Cancer Kenya
Ermel et al., 2016 [35] HPV Signature Center, Indiana University School of Medicine (D. Brown). Infectious Agents And Cancer United States, Kenya, or Botswana.
He et al., 2016 [48] By Charitable Donations From The Humane Research Trust, The Janice Cholerton Post Graduate Support Fund/East Africa Medical Trust (Eamt), The Caring Cancer Trust, And The Cancer Prevention Research Trust. Viruses-Basel Sub-Sahara African
Mueller et al., 2016 [82] The Global Disease Detection (Gdd) Programme Grant No. 1u19gh000622-01 While The Main Study Received Funding and Support From Pepfar/Usaid And The Anova Health Institute Npc. BMC Infectious Diseases Cape Town, South Africa
Kriek et al., 2016 [55] The Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) [Cancer Research Grant: 2011 Jsp]. The Fogarty Foundation (Shape Programme) and The South African Medical Research Council (Mrc) National Health Scholars Programme Virology Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa
Adler et al., 2016 [1] The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at The National Institutes of Health (5 K23ai07759 To David Adler). Advances In Virology Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa
Belglaiaa et al., 2015 [9] The University of Franche-Comte, Ligue Contre Le Cancer (Ccir-Ge) and Doctoral School ``Environnements-Sante” Besancon, France Infectious Agents And Cancer Souss area, Morocco.
Sobota et al., 2014 [109] Public Health Service Award T32 Gm07347 From The National Institute of General Medical Studies For The Vanderbilt Medical-Scientist Training Program Infectious Agents And Cancer Botswana
Ameur et al., 2014 [4] The Swedish Research Council, The Swedish Cancer Foundation, The Swedish International Agency For Development and The Knut And Alice Wallenberg Foundation, Based on Research Supported By The South African Research Chairs Initiative of The Department Of Science And Technology and National Research Foundation Scientific Reports South Africa
Rositch et al. 2014 [102] The National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health (Grant R01 Ca114773-04) and The Unc Center For Aids Research (Grant P30 Ai050410 From The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health), The Division of Aids, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health (Grant Ai50440), The Canadian Institutes of Health Research, and The Chicago Developmental Center For Aids Research (D-Cfar), an NIH Funded Program (P30 Ai 082151), an NIH Postdoctoral Training Grant in Cancer Epidemiology (Grant T32 Ca009314). AIDS Kisumu, Kenya
Mbulawa et al., 2014 [72] Poliomyelitis Research Fund, Medical Research Council, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Swedish Cancer Foundation, Cancer Association of South Africa, National Health Laboratory Services, National Research Foundation And South African Research Chairs BMC Infectious Diseases Empilisweni centre, Gugulethu, Cape Town, South Africa
Vaccarella et al., 2013 [122] The Washington Global Health Alliance, The National Institutes of Health (Grant Number 5k23ai065222-04), A Grant From The Bill \& Melinda Gates Foundation (Grant Number 35537), and From The Fondation De France (Grant Number 00016673). Infectious Agents And Cancer Kenya
Sudenga et al., 2013 [117] National Institutes of Health Cancer Prevention and Control Training Grant (S.L.S. R25ca47888). Research Funded by U01-Hd32830, 5p30 Ai27767-20, Uab CFAR/CCC Malignancy Pilot Project Award Human Immunology African-American
AKAROLO-ANTHONY The Um-Capacity Development For Research in Aids Associated Malignancy Grant (NIH/NCI 1d43ca153792-01) To CAA. Hpv Genotyping Was Supported By Niaid U19 Ai084081 To Cmw Infectious Diseases Abuja, Nigeria
SAHASRABUDDHE et al., 2012 [104] Cancer Prevention Research Cancer Prevention Research Lusaka, Zambia
VELDHUIJZEN et al., 2011 [128] The European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) BMC Infectious Diseases Kigali, Rwanda
RAMOGOLA-MASIRE et al., 2011 [100] The NIH CFAR Grant NIH Ip30 AI 45008 and Health Services and Human Research Grant 1u2gps001949 (President’s Emergency Plan For Aids Relief). International Journal Of Gynecological Pathology Botswana
MACLEOD et al., 2011 [65] Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health \& Human Development (To C. Wester); Grant Number: K23hd049292 Journal Of Medical Virology Botswana
Tobian and Gray, 2011 [121] The Johns Hopkins University Clinician Scientist Award. Future Microbiology Sub-Sahara African
Mueller et al., 2010 [81] The National Institute For Communicable Diseases, National Health Laboratory Service, South Africa. Sexually Transmitted Infections Johannesburg, South Africa