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Table 1 Data Summary and key information from Web of Science database on HIV/HPV co-infection publications

From: Meta-synthesis and science mapping analysis of HIV/HPV co-infection: a global perspective with emphasis on Africa

Description Count/Rate   Count/Rate
Main data information   Document type  
Timespan 1990:2019 Article 163
Sources (Journals, Books, etc) 115 Editorial material 2
Documents 196 Meeting abstract 5
Average years from publication 8.1 Proceedings paper 5
Average citations per documents 20.7 Review 21
Average citations per year per doc 2.1   
References 6246   
   Keywords Plus (ID) 679
Author Information   Author’s Keywords (DE) 418
Authors 1203   
Author Appearances 1372   
Authors of single-authored documents 9   
Authors of multi-authored documents 1194   
Documents per Author 0.2   
Authors per Document 6.1   
Co-Authors per Documents 7.0   
Collaboration Index 6.4