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Table 2 Research instruments

From: Research on the move: exploring WhatsApp as a tool for understanding the intersections between migration, mobility, health and gender in South Africa

Name Aim When is it administered What does it comprise of Technological component
WhatsApp practice surveys 1 & 2 To get the participant comfortable with the WhatsApp/ Survey Node interface At the point of recruitment 3 questions In person
Survey Node - WhatsApp
Enrolment survey To ascertain socio-demographic profile; health seeking behaviour history; and migratory history of the participant At the point of recruitment 66 questions - some closed, others open ended In person
Voice recorded
Paper survey
WhatsApp initiation survey To ascertain whether the participant is comfortable to respond without assistance to the survey and confirm enrolment 1–2 weeks after recruitment 5 questions Survey Node - WhatsApp
WhatsApp monthly survey To collect and track health seeking behaviour and mobility Once a month for 4 months 17 questions
Open and closed
Survey Node - WhatsApp