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Table 2 list of scientific events were the PPP principles were disseminated

From: Beyond nutrition and physical activity: food industry shaping of the very principles of scientific integrity

Name of event Activity undertaken, when information is available
Experimental Biology 2013 An ILSI staff “co-moderated the “Public-Private Partnerships: The Evolving Role of Industry Funding in Nutrition Research””
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo 2015  
ASN April 2016 Scientific Sessions and Annual Meeting  
3rd and 4th World Conference on Research Integrity ILSI attended the event, in the 3rd edition, a staff from ILSI participated “in a panel discussion on public-private partnerships and research integrity”.
12th Federation of European Nutrition Societies - European Nutrition Conference  
Congress of the Federation of Latin American Nutrition Societies 2015 ILSI attended and “may be able to distribute copies of article”