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Table 3 Number of social responsibility projects reported from 2014 to 2018

From: Public health and corporate social responsibility: exploratory study on pharmaceutical companies in an emerging market

Social responsibility projectsa A B C D E F
Public health support
(including: blood donations; healthy life promotion; access to medicines; drug safety and side effects;
81 44 70 77 70 56
Social projects and employee management
(including: management-employee relationships; anti-corruption measures; supply chains; blood donations; workplace security; open days; etc.)
15 10 11 18 12 8
Educational activities and support
(including: financial support for inclusive education; scholarships; open days; training; internships; social and educational projects for local communities, etc.)
5 2 5 5 2 3
Environmental activities and support
(including: the efficient use of resources and waste; CO2 emissions reduction; green investments; afforestation actions; actions to restore water and public places, etc.)
25 5 10 24 15 5
TOTAL 126 61 96 124 99 72
  1. aNote: some projects are assigned to several categories of projects (e.g., blood donation projects are assigned to public health support, social projects and employee management). If a project was developed for several years, it was counted every year, as the results of projects are presented annually in annual reports
  2. Source: authors’ own research and projections based on annual reports published on the BSE