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Table 3 Initiatives funded or supported by the food industry in Colombia in 2019

From: “The architecture of the state was transformed in favour of the interests of companies”: corporate political activity of the food industry in Colombia

Company Details about initiatives supported by the industry Main area of the initiatives Reference from sup material 5
Physical activity Nutrition Education/schools Children Other
ANDI Refurbished a school with the support of the Colombian army    X X   A9
Alpina, Coca-Cola Developed a programme of food education   X     A54
Coca-Cola Developed “Vive bailando” (“Live dancing”), a physical activity programmes X      A43
Developed “Ludonutricion”, a programme based on games to inform about nutrition, including through the support for “Juego y Niñez”, a charity that promote playing among children   X X X   A45–6, A48–9, A136
Developed “Apúntate A Moverte” (“Sign up to move”), a physical activity programme X      A50
Supported the Fundacion Éxito (from the supermarket chain Éxito)      X A83
Colanta Provided furnitures to an educative institute calles “IE Tricentenario” in Medellin    X X   A56
Participated in the event organised by the city of Sonson for the month of the children     X X A57
Developed “Colanta Sabe Más, Sabe a Campo” (Colanta knows more, knows the field), where they distributed notebooks to kids    X X   A58–9
Supported “Vaso de leche” (“glass of milk”) set up by the city of Medellin to distribute milk to children in schools   X   X   A60
Supported “Programa Maná” from the government of the State of Antioquia, where 140,000 children are “given a daily serving of flavoured milk powder, as a nutritional supplement candy, which can be consumed directly or diluted in water”   X   X   A60
Supported the “Desayunos Infantiles” (“children breakfasts”) from the ex-President Álvaro Uribe, where children are served with a “portions of liquid flavored milk and a fortified cookie”   X   X   A60
Distributed “55 million litres of milk in Colombian capitals such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Armenia. Pereira and Manizales.”   X     A60
Organised the “Festival Colanta” with the participation of the head of the Department of Education and Cooperative Promotion     X X A62
Danone/Alqueria Distributed products to “Granitos de Paz”, a charity that support the development of children (health, education, etc.)   X   X X A67
Distributed products to “Alimenta Compartiendo” (“Feed sharing”), a programme that distributed “1.5 million glasses of milk to 5200 children distributed through 14 food banks”   X   X   A68
Participated in the activities of the “Fundación La Esperanza en La Calera” on environmental protection, together with the food bank of Bogotá      X A72
Distributed products to “Programa Desayuno Saludables” (“Healthy breakfast programme”), where they distributed 11 t of milk to “3400 children in vulnerable situations”.   X   X   A73
Partnered with food banks in Colombia and the Fundacion Saciar during the World Milk Day on 1st of June and distributed 1,500,000 glasses of milk in the country   X     A75–7
ANDI, Danone/Alqueria, Éxito Actors from the food industry launched in 2019 the “Alianza por la Nutrición Infantil” (“Alliance for Child Nutrition”) in partnership with multiple actors from the public sector, to “favour the rights of children, calling attention to the fundamentals that start from nutrition, as the axis of physical, emotional and cognitive development of human beings”   X X X   A78, A82, A89–97, A101–2
ANDI, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Mars Supported Concordia, an “organisation dedicated to actively fostering, elevating, and sustaining cross-sector partnerships for social impact”      X A137
Éxito Supported the musical initiation programme from the symphonic orchestra of Antioquia      X A85
Supported the San Vicente Fundación for its programme of nutrition for children in hospitals   X   X X A86
Supported pregnant mothers and children that were part of an official food assistance programme, through the support for human milk banks and food banks   X   X X A87
Participated in the development of the “Comprehensive Care Guide for chronic malnutrition” with the city of Bogotá, the Fundacion Santa Fé de Bogota and the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (Colombian Family Welfare Institute)   X     A98
Participated in a public-private partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Fundacion Santa Fé de Bogotá and Éxito for the Day of Human Milk Donation   X   X X A99
Developed its “Cen Zero” (“generation Zero”) strategy “to ensure that no child under 5 suffers from chronic malnutrition in Colombia by 2030”   X   X X A104, A107
Kellogg Supported “Juego y Niñez”, a charity that promote playing among children     X X A136
McDonald’s Ran its Mc Lectura feliz, a programme to promote reading among children     X X A131–3
Multiple actors In 2009, Alquería, Éxito, Nutresa, Unilever and ANDI founded the Association of Food Banks of Colombia (ABACO)   X    X A139
Nestle Ran its “Unidos por Niños Saludables” (“United for Healthy Children”), with the support of different actors, including the Colombian Heart Foundation, the Colombian Society of Pediatricians, the charity Juego y Niñez   X X X X A177–81, A185, A204–5
Supported “Juego y Niñez”, a charity that promote playing among children     X X A136
Celebrated the Breakfast Day in different cities and the Children’s Day, including through the organisation of a workshop on cooking and nutrition with children and their parents in a school   X   X   A183, A193, A195, A201
Nutresa Participated in clean-up events      X A206–7
Supported food banks   X    X A208, A211–2
Provided a school dining room to the Social Pastoral Secretariat    X X   A212
Supported several charities:
• the Fundación Bambi
• The Institución Educativa San Vicente: supported the First National Education Congress
• Fundación Victor Salvi: support the Cartagena Festival Internacional de Música
• The charity Secretos para Contar
• Fundación Empresarios por la Educación: covered the Annual Fee for School Management Improvement
• Corporación Pueblo de los niños
• Fundación La Cueva: supported the International Arts Carnaval
• Fundación Notas de Paz: supported the Infants and Children Philharmonic Orchestra
• Fundación Sura Becas
• Teatro Metropolitano: supported the International Classical Music Season
• Fundación Soleira: supported the Observatory on human rights of childhood and adolescence
• Alianza Colombo Francesa: supported the Music Festival
• Teatro Metropolitano Sillas: sponsored 8 seats from the theatre
• Donación Proantioquia: supported a Prize for Education
   X X X A212–3
Ran its “Disfrutar la vida te alimenta” strategy (“Enjoying life feeds you”), based on “four fundamental pillars: physical activity, balanced eating, sharing with the family and enjoying the outdoors”. X X X   X A222
Ran its “Nutresa Quiere a los Niños” programme (“Nutresa Loves Children”), to teach children about healthy diets and lifestyles X X X X   A229
Pepsico, Postobón Supported “Fuente de Vida Malambo”, a charity that brings potable water to the population in Malambo      X A230
PepsiCo Ran its “Aliméntate y Actívate” programme (“Feed and Activate”), to teach children and their parents about healthy lifestyles X X X X   A234
Ran its ““Nutrición para el future” programme (“Nutrition for the future”), that aims to “provide access to at least 3 billion servings of food and nutritional drinks for marginalised communities and consumers around the world”   X     A234
Postobón Ran its “‘Mi pupitre Postobón” programme (“My Postobón desk”), where the company distributed desks made from recycled containers of Postobón beverages in schools across Colombia    X X   A235, A238, A244, A246–7
Ran its “Mi Bici Postobón” programme (“My Postobón bike”), where the company offered Postobón bikes to children in schools across Colombia X   X X   A237, A239–41, A245, A251–2
Supported “Agenda del Mar”, a charity that works on environmental protection      X A248
Launched its “¡Boom! Activa tu vida” programme (“Boom! Activate your life”) with the support of the city council of Medellin to promote healthy lifestyles X      A249–50, A2755