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Table 2 Linear random effects models investigating factors associated with the retail price of antimicrobial products. Data corresponding to 775 price measurements corresponding to 213 products containing one or two AAIs were included in the model

From: A survey of retail prices of antimicrobial products used in small-scale chicken farms in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Two AAIs (baseline = 1 AAI)0.1020.0600.089   
Type of AAI included (baseline = Highly important)
 Highest priority0.0010.0610.993   
 High priority0.1410.0590.0170.122b0.0570.034
Pure AAI in product (baseline = mixed with other products)0.1860.056< 0.0010.1520.0560.007
Cao Lanh district (baseline = Thap Muoi)0.4640.070< 0.0010.4680.071< 0.001
  1. aIntercept = −1.221 (SE = 0.062); bBaseline = All other types of AAIs combined