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Table 8 Relationship between personal characteristics and use of research evidence for policy and decision making

From: Building the capacity of users and producers of evidence in health policy and systems research for better control of endemic diseases in Nigeria: a situational analysis

Background informationEver used research evidence
Currently uses research evidence n(%)Ever used HPSR evidence
Age group
 25–40 years17(44.7)17(44.7)9(34.6)
 41–50 years12(31.6)11(28.9)9(34.6)
 51-60 years9(23.7)10(26.3)8(30.8)
Main role in job
 Departmental head11(28.9)11(28.9)7(26.9)
 Divisional head2(5.3)2(5.3)2(7.7)
 Programme manager12(31.6)12(31.6)7(26.9)