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Table 6 Pattern of use of research evidence for policy/decision making among users of evidence

From: Building the capacity of users and producers of evidence in health policy and systems research for better control of endemic diseases in Nigeria: a situational analysis

VariablesEnugu (N = 21) n(%)Anambra (N = 25)
Both (N = 46)
Ever used evidence20(95.2)18(72.0)4.290(0.038)38(82.6)
Currently uses evidence19(90.5)19(76.0)1.665(0.197)38(82.6)
Type of evidence used
 Data from Federal Ministry of Health (including HMIS data)7(35.0)3(16.7) 10(26.4)
 Research evidence/Surveys9(45.0)14(77.8)12.516(0.051)23(60.5)
 Program Reports0(0.0)1(5.6) 1(2.6)
 Secondary data1(5.0)0(0.0) 1(2.6)
 Data Quality Assessment2(10.0)0(0.0) 2(5.3)
 Situation analysis1(5.0)0(0.0) 1(2.6)
 Ever used evidence from HPSR12(57.1)14(56.0)0.006(0.938)26(56.5)
Reason for not using evidence from HPSRa
 Not aware of the field of HPSR+A6(28.6)9(36.0)0.287(0.592)15(32.6)
 Lack of decision making autonomy5(23.8)5(20.0)0.097(0.755)10(21.7)
  1. aMultiple response allowed; HMIS refers to Health management information system