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Table 1 Indicators assessed under the four different objectives

From: Strengthening national health research systems in the WHO African Region – progress towards universal health coverage

Strengthening research Governance• Countries with valid health research policies, strategic plans, and priority lists
• Countries with legislation on R4H
• All countries with national or institutional ethics review committees
• At least 80% of countries have a national or institutional ethics review committee assessing & providing feedback within 3 months.
Creating & sustaining resources• Countries with a health research promoting unit within the MOH
• Countries with universities/colleges that have a training programme in health research
• Countries with a national health research institute/council
Producing and using health research• Countries with a R & D coordination mechanism
• Each country to increase the number of articles published in peer reviewed journals byat least 30%.
• Countries with a knowledge translation platform
Financing health research• Countries that have a dedicated budget line for R4H
• Countries investing at least 2% of the national health budget in R4H
• Countries investing at least 5% of health sector development assistance in R4H
• Countries regularly tracking R4H spending from all sources
  1. Source: WHO/AFRO [6]