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Table 1 Definitions of resources and relationships used in the study

From: Organizational capacities of national pharmacovigilance centres in Africa: assessment of resource elements associated with successful and unsuccessful pharmacovigilance experiences

Type of resource Definition
 Financial resources Funding or financial capital
 Technical resources Materials and infrastructure (e.g. computers, reporting infrastructure)
 Political resources Law, policy and other legislative instruments
 Human resources Staff and human expertise
 Social resources Relationships including collaborations, partnerships and networks
Type of stakeholder Definition
 National government The National Regulatory Agency and the Ministry of Health
 Development partners Organizations that work with a variety of in-country partners to improve the lives of poor and vulnerable people in developing countries
 Inter-governmental organizations Organizations comprising mainly of sovereign states
 Public health programmes Organizations responsible for health services to improve and protect community health
 Academia Organizations concerned with the pursuit of education, research and scholarship
 Industry Organizations who market and sell pharmaceutical products