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Table 1 National and regional policy plans analysed in the study

From: Migrants’ access to healthcare services within the European Union: a content analysis of policy documents in Ireland, Portugal and Spain

Country Level Health policies Immigration or ethnic minority plan
Spain National Plan de Calidad para el SNS. (2010) Plan Estratégico Ciudadanía e Integración (2011–2014)
Andalusia IV Plan Andaluz de Salud (2013–2020) III Plan Integral para la Inmigración en Andalucía Horizonte 2016
Comunidad de Madrid Plan de promoción de la salud y prevención (2011–2013)
Plan estratégico de salud mental (2010–2014)
III Plan de integración (2009–2012)
Portugal National Plano nacional de Saúde (2011–2016) II Plano para a integração dos imigrantes (2010–2013)
Ireland National National Health Strategy (2011–2016)
(National Intercultural Health Strategy 2007–2012)
Primary care operational plan 2015
Equal Status Acts 2000 and 2004
Towards 2016 – Social Partnership Agreement (2006–2015)
Building an inclusive society (2002–2007)
National action plan for social inclusion (2007–2016)
National Action Plan against Racism: Planning for Diversity (2005–2008)