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Table 5 Detailed data sources for trade and investment policies, liberalization, and flows

From: Analyzing the impacts of global trade and investment on non-communicable diseases and risk factors: a critical review of methodological approaches used in quantitative analyses

Topic Measure International data sources
Policy Treaty membership • WTO membership database
• UNCTAD International Investment Agreements Navigator
Depth of commitments in specific agreements • Design of Trade Agreements (DESTA) project
• Mapping BITs
Presence and outcome of trade or investment disputes • WTO Dispute Settlement Gateway
• UNCTAD Investment Dispute Settlement Navigator
Liberalization Product-specific tariff rates • UNCTAD TRAINS database
• WTO Tariff Download Facility
Non-tariff measures • UNCTAD TRAINS database
• USDA Foreign Agricultural Service reports
• UNCTAD International Investment Agreements Navigator
Flows FDI, by sector & industry • International Trade Center database
• UNCTADstat (by request)
Product-specific imports & exports • UN Commodity Trade Statistics (UN Comtrade)
• World Bank World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)
• FAO Food and Commodity Balance Sheets
• Index Mundi
• USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Retail sales • Euromonitor Global Market Information Database