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Table 1 Characteristics of Participants

From: Global Health as “umbrella term” – a qualitative study among Global Health teachers in German medical education

Gender (f/m) 4/7
Age (years) 25–71
Academic Background All: medicine
Additionally: Tropical Medicine, Epidemiology, Public Health, Theology, Anthropology, History and Ethics of Medicine, International Health, Ethnology, Medical Anthropology
Biographic and Professional Background All: Experience of teaching and of living in a foreign country
Additionally: Official Development Assistance, NGO Senior management, medical work within FBOs, ethnological research in LLDC, medical services for migrants in Germany, Development Aid Consultancy, Political Work, Support of student initiatives, research fellowships, intercultural background of core family, born in LLDC, education research
Duration of interviews 45–120 min
Participation in Member Check 7 of 11