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Table 1 Perceptions on need, quality, availability and use of psychotropic drugs

From: Psychotropic drugs in Nepal: perceptions on use and supply chain management

Stakeholders Need Quality / Effectiveness Availability Use/stigma
Producers, promoters and distributors Medicine along with other alternative healing. Both drugs produced in Nepal and imported from outside are of good quality and are effective. Available where mental health services are being provided. There is negative societal attitude towards people who use psychotropic drugs.
Policy makers and government actors Yes for severe cases only, for other cases as a last resort. Drugs are of good quality, although people believe that foreign drugs are more effective. Available at the district level where mental health services are available. There is stigma for people with mental illness which affects the access and use of psychotropic drugs.
Service providers Medicine for severe cases, counseling and other therapy for minor cases. Some medicines produced in Nepal are of low quality and less effective. The availability of drugs have increased drastically, but not to all areas of Nepal. There is not only stigma for those who use psychotropic drugs but also to those who provide mental health services.
Service users and family members For severe cases only Medicines with other therapies are needed. Medicines are of good quality and are effective. Drugs are available at the district or at regional centers only. There is huge stigma for those who use psychotropic drugs. Consequently, patients and family members try to hide as much as possible.