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Table 1 Interviewees by representation

From: The Global Fund’s paradigm of oversight, monitoring, and results in Mozambique

Representation Number of interviewees Nomenclature in paper
Global Fund Board 5 GFBoardb
Global Fund Secretariat 5 GFSecretariatb
Global Fund Country Structurea 4 GFCountryStructureb
Academia 1 Academiab
Consultant Firm 2 Consultantb
Non-governmental organization 3 NGOb
Multilateral Agency 6 Multilateralb
OECD Partner 10 OECDPartnerb
Coordination Body 2 Coordinationb
Total 38  
  1. Location of interviews: 11 of the GF and 4 of the OECD and Multilateral Agency interviews were conducted in Geneva. The remaining 23 interviews were conducted in Mozambique
  2. aincludes Local Fund Agents, Country Coordinating Mechanism, Principal Recipients, and Sub-Recipients; members of the CCM may be a representative of a multilateral agency or OECD Partner (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  3. brefers to interviewees in chronological order