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Table 1 EAR99 classified drugs vs. non-EAR99 classified drugs

From: Addressing the impact of economic sanctions on Iranian drug shortages in the joint comprehensive plan of action: promoting access to medicines and health diplomacy



(Easier to export)

(Harder to export)

General export license

Specific export license

Not identified on commerce control list

Identified on commerce control list

No export control classification number

Export control classification number

Most medicines, including over-the-counter items, are considered EAR99

Non-NSAID analgesics, cholinergics, anticholinergics, opiods, narcotics, benzodiazipine and and bioactive peptide, vaccines, “immunotoxins” (antibody–toxin conjugates intended to destroy specific target cells such as tumor cells that bear antigens homologous to the antibody), certain toxin-containing medical products and diagnostics, food testing kits, certain medical devices and medical devices parts controlled under export control classification number