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Table 2 Potential role of HIV care & treatment monthly and cohort reports and self-assessment tools for NCD services

From: Adapting HIV patient and program monitoring tools for chronic non-communicable diseases in Ethiopia

Tool Role in HIV care and treatment Suggested uses for NCD services
Monthly reports Provide age and sex disaggregated facility, district, regional and national level data on enrolment, number on treatment, and drugs being used Number with a given NCD with age and sex breakdown at each level, medications being used
Help quantification of disease burden and facilitates resource planning at each level Quantification of disease burden and risk level for planning and program design
Provides data on access for treatment at local level and beyond Data on access for care and treatment
Cohort charts/reports Treatment outcome of groups Treatment outcome of groups
Retention on treatment Patient retention on care and treatment
Survival analysis Survival analysis for different NCDs and different treatments
Changes in clinical, functional and immunologic outcomes Monitoring quality of NCD services
Monitoring service quality and risk of drug resistance
Self-assessment forms Self-evaluation based on service specific key performance indicators Self-evaluation for continuous quality improvement