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Table 1 Data collection methods

From: The use of technology enhanced learning in health research capacity development: lessons from a cross country research partnership

Data collection instrument Number Purpose
Phase 1 (on-line surveys & review of collaborative forums)
Institutional baseline survey 4 (RCSI, DCU, COM and CWW) To determine infrastructural capabilities of the institutions in terms of development and delivery of learning content.
Faculty baseline survey 8 To determine technological capabilities and experience of faculty.
Student baseline survey 5 To determine infrastructural support and technological capabilities of the students.
Online survey (end of each semester) 3 occasions To monitor the content and technology used in the delivery of the six taught modules.
Interaction in collaborative forums Forums included:
• Moodle discussion forums
• Padlet walls
• Wikis
• Twitter
To review level of participation in online activities across all six taught modules.
Phase 2 (independent evaluation)
Semi-structured interviews 8 Teacher/trainers (2 DCU; 6 RCSI) To understand faculty experience, challenges and benefits and motivation with respect to the MSc.
Semi-structured interviews 3 students To understand students' motivation and experience, challenges and benefits with respect to the MSc.