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Table 2 SRH Resource tracking in GF HIV grants, Ethiopia case study data collection

From: Tracking Global Fund HIV/AIDS resources used for sexual and reproductive health service integration: case study from Ethiopia

Data collection phase Purpose Dates Data collected Data sources
1 Identify costs and performance indicators related to sexual and reproductive health in the selected country grants June-September 2011 Budget allocations by SDA, activity and Cost Category GF Secretariat; GF website
2 Obtain complete grant budget, disbursement, and expenditure data from LFA and PRs; understand program and budget allocation changes made between proposal and negotiated grant agreement; further specify through discussion with key informants which grant program activities can be considered SRH-integration related September- November 2011 Grant budgets, disbursements and expenditures, by PR; by activity within SDAs for RCC; SRH and HIV/AIDS performance statistics; drugs and supplies data from PFSA; MNCH, RH, PMTCT, ANC, and HIV/AIDS policies and recent review reports; and National Health Accounts (NHA) data, including the HIV/AIDS and RH sub-accounts LFA; grant PRs; FMOH; FHAPCO; PFSA Central; WHO; UNAIDS; UNFPA; UNICEF; other in-country partners
3 Further specify through observation of health facilities how SRH integration is realized, to understand impact of GF integration-related funds December 2011 Regional HAPCO budgets, disbursements, and expenditures; regional SRH and HIV/AIDS performance data; Regional PFSA data; health facility integration maps Amhara and Addis Ababa regions: 3 FMOH health centers in each; RHB; Regional PFSA Hubs