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Table 3 Motivations identified by firm representatives

From: Corporate social responsibility in global health: an exploratory study of multinational pharmaceutical firms

  A B C D E F
Reputational benefit       
Perception of firm by consumers X X X X   
Perception of firm by potential funders     X   
Relationship and trust building with potential partners and stakeholders X X     X
Employee recruitment, satisfaction, engagement and innovation X X   X X  
Ranking on Dow Jones Sustainability Index*     X X X
Competetive advantage       
Entering new markets X   X X X X
Expanding consumer base       X
Intelligence gathering on new markets   X     
Anticipated long-term financial gain X   X X   X
Increased cost-effectiveness of interventions and programs (in developing countries)    X    
Improved efficiencies      X  
Opportunity for innovation X      X
Special access to local government officials and decision making     X   
Philanthropy & health impact       
Obligation as a health care company     X   X
Improved population health impact X X X X X X
Increasing patient access to necessary medications/health services X X X X X X
  1. *and/or Access to Medicine Index, Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies.