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Table 1 Organization: situating CSR within the corporation

From: Corporate social responsibility in global health: an exploratory study of multinational pharmaceutical firms

  A B C D E F
CSR Policies
Clearly articulated definition of CSR/CR X X   X X  
Clear Criteria for CR activities X     X  
Specific Policies (internal or external) dictating CR    X   X X
Positioning Within Firm
CR department X    X X  
CR steering committee/group X X X X X X
Separate philanthropy entity (i.e. foundation) X     X  
Sustainable business/shared value sector    X X X  
Systemic sustainable shared value business model    X    X
With competing firms X X X X X  
With other private for-profit entities X X X X X X
With local governments X X X X X X
With local and international NGOs X X X X X X
  Independent X X X X   X
  Integrated   X    X X
  1. *Refers to whether CR/CSR is incorporated into annual reports or a separate report is generated (or both).