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Table 1 Search categories and terms used

From: Trade and investment liberalization and Asia’s noncommunicable disease epidemic: a synthesis of data and existing literature

Categories Search terms
Disease and risk factor specific Noncommunicable disease, chronic disease, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, stroke, obesity, hypertension, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, tobacco, smoking, alcohol, processed food, packaged food, snack food, medicine, drugs.
Economic and social burden specific Economic, financial, income, loss, cost, expenditure, GDP, economic burden, social burden, poverty, microeconomic, macroeconomic, productivity, out-of-pocket health care, socio-economic, inequity, inequality.
Trade liberalization specific Trade liberalization, market integration, foreign direct investment, investment liberalization, trade agreements, World Trade Organization, globalization, policy space, trade agreement, trans-pacific partnership, corporations, transnational corporations, transnational tobacco, transnational alcohol, transnational food and beverage, state-owned enterprises.