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Table 1 Accreditation programs in attendees’ countries

From: Hospital accreditation: lessons from low- and middle-income countries

Country Current program Structure & location ISQua accredited How is the accreditation program used by the UHC Insurance scheme?
Ghana Yes Part of National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) No Claims reviewed; may be denied
India Yes Independent: National Accreditation Board of Hospitals Yes Varies by insurer; actively used.
Indonesia Yes Independent: Indonesia Accreditation Body No Not reported
Kenya Yes Part of National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) No Required*
Malaysia Yes Independent: Malaysian Society for Quality in Health Yes Not reported
Mali Yes; ambulatory only Part of Ministry of Health: National Hospital Assessment Agency No Not reported
Nigeria Yes Part of National Health Insurance Scheme No Required*
Philippines Yes Part of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation No Required*
Thailand Yes Independent with Ministry of Health linkages: Healthcare Accreditation Institute Yes Required*
Vietnam Under development Part of Ministry of Health No Not yet fully implemented
  1. Note: This table was prepared from presentations made in May of 2013; “not reported” means that the presenter did not mention any UHC/Accreditation link.
  2. *Required = Insurers require that facilities participating in the insurance scheme be accredited by the National Accreditation program.