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Table 1 Health-related gTLD status and proposed safeguards (as of June 2014)

From: A call for a moratorium on the .health generic top-level domain: preventing the commercialization and exclusive control of online health information

gTLD string GAC recommended safeguard (Closed/Open)? In string contention? (Y/N) Current ICANN status Applicant(s)
.cancerresearch N/A No Pre-delegation testing Australian Cancer Research Foundation
.clinic Open No Delegated Donuts (Goose Park, LLC)
.dental Open No Delegated Donuts (Tin Birch, LLC)
.dentist Closed No Delegated Donuts (Outer Lake, LLC)
.diet Open No In contracting Famous Four Media (dot Diet Limited)a
  Uniregistry, Corp.
  Donuts (Pioneer Hill, LLC)a
.doctor Open Yes In auction Donuts (Brice Trail, LLC)
  Radix (DotMedico TLD Inc.)b
  The Medical Registry Limited
.fit Open No In contracting Famous Four Media (Platinum Registry Limited)a
  Top Level Domain Holding
.fitness Open No Delegated Donuts (Brice Orchard, LLC)
.health Open Yes In auction DotHealth, LLC
  Donuts (Goose Fest, LLC)
  Famous Four Media (dot Health Limited)a
.healthcare Open No In contracting Donuts (Silver Glen, LLC)
.heart Open No Withdrawn American Heart Association, Inc.a
.hiv Open No Delegated dotHIV gemeinnütziger e.V.
.hospital Closed No On-hold1 Donuts (Ruby Pike, LLC)b
.med Open Yes On-hold1 DocCheck AGa
  Second Generation Ltd. (Medistry LLC)b
  Google (Charleston Road
  Registry Inc.)c
.medical Closed No On-hold1 Donuts (Steel Hill, LLC)b
.pharmacy Closed No In contracting National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
.physio Open No Transition to delegation PhysBiz Pty Ltd (Glenn Ruscoe)
.skin N/A No In contracting L’Oréal
.stroke N/A No Withdrawn American Heart Association, Inc.a
.surgery Closed No Delegated Donuts (Tin Avenue, LLC)
.健康 (Chinese equivalent of “healthy”) Open No In contracting Stable Tone Limited
  1. KEY:
  2. Bold: indicates the successfully awarded applicant or an applicant who is currently in contracting/pre-delegation testing that will likely lead to completion.
  3. Open: Proposed as GAC Category 1 strings with safeguards 1-3 applicable. These requirements generally state that operators will include in their Registry-Registrar Agreements provisions for privacy and consumer protection and compliance with applicable laws, but leave TLDs generally Open to registration.
  4. Closed: Proposed as GAC Category 1 strings with all safeguards 1-8 applicable. In addition to safeguards 1-3, they would also most importantly require that registry operators work with relevant regulatory or industry self-regulating bodies and include requirements that registrants posses any necessary authorizations, charters, licenses and/or other related credentials for participation.
  5. 1ICANN Objection determinations where Independent Objector has prevailed on at least one objection (e.g. community or limited public interest).
  6. aWithdrawn
  7. bOn hold - Objection.
  8. cWill not proceed.