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Table 3 Studies on diabetes complications in Brazil

From: Epidemiology, management, complications and costs associated with type 2 diabetes in Brazil: a comprehensive literature review

First author (year) City, State N of patients with type 2 diabetes Data collection Complication Prevalence
Place Source of data
Bruno (2000) [32] Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul 93 Dialysis centres Standardized questionnaire, clinical interview, and review of medical records Diabetic nephropathy 58.0%
Diabetic retinopathy 85.0%
Peripheral vascular disease 73.0%
Scheffel (2004) [37] Rio Grande do Sul 927 Health care units Clinical examination and laboratory tests Coronary artery disease 36.0%
Diabetic retinopathy 48.0%
Ischemic heart disease 36.0%
Peripheral vascular disease 33.0%
Tres (2007) [39] Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul 340 Outpatient Diabetes Clinic of Hospital São Vicente de Paulo Questionnaire and neurological tests Diabetic nephropathy 29.5%
Diabetic neuropathy. 22.0%
Diabetic retinopathy 28.8%
Vieira-Santos (2008) [40] Recife, Pernambuco 1,374 Primary health care units Medical records Diabetic foot 9.0%