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Table 1 Types of government spending

From: Does investment in the health sector promote or inhibit economic growth?

Types of government spending
Health Government outlays on health include expenditures on services provided to individual persons and services provided on a collective basis; Medical products, appliances, and equipment; Outpatient, hospital, and public health services
Education Pre-primary, primary, secondary, post-secondary, non-tertiary, tertiary education Provision of education not definable by level; Subsidiary services to education
Culture Recreational, sporting, cultural, broadcasting, publishing, religious and other community services; R&D recreation, culture, and religion
Housing and community Housing and community development; Water supply and street lighting
General public services Executive and legislative organs, financial and fiscal affairs, external affairs, Public debt transactions; General and public services; Foreign economic aid Police, fire, and prison services; Law courts; R&D public order and safety
Defence Military and civil defence; foreign aid defence; R&D Defence
Environment Waste and waste water management; Pollution abatement. Protection of biodiversity and landscape
Social protection Sickness and disability, old age, survivors, family and children, unemployment, housing, and social exclusion
Economic affairs General economic, commercial, and labour affairs; agriculture, forestry, fishing, hunting, fuel and energy, mining, manufacturing, construction, transport, communication and other industries.
  1. Source: EuroStat 2013 edition.