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Table 1 Lexicon of sensory attributes of the test foods (unrefined maize ugali, brown rice and unrefined sorghum ugali)

From: Consumption and acceptability of whole grain staples for lowering markers of diabetes risk among overweight and obese Tanzanian adults

Term Definition
Smell The perceived scent of the test food during eating
Taste The general term used to describe the sweet, bitter, sour or salty taste of the test food on the tongue
Appearance The outwards aspect of the test food
Color Degree of evenness of the color of the test food
Texture Smoothness or roughness of a chewed mass of the taste food
Shine The degree of brightness of the test food
Hardness Reflected by the amount of energy/force required to compress a sample of food between the tongue and the palate
Configuration The external form or outline of the shape of the test food