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Table 2 Cycloserine tiered prices

From: A win-win solution?: A critical analysis of tiered pricing to improve access to medicines in developing countries

Manufacturers Lupin Aspen Mac Leods Purdue GMP GDF pooled procurement price
Quality status Under evaluation by WHO PQ Approved by WHO PQ Approved by WHO PQ Approved by a Stringent Regulatory Authority GDF Quality Assurance Policy
250 mg capsule 0.60 0.78 No price information given No price information given 0.59 and 0.78
(Macleods and
  1. Price and quality information. Price of the lowest unit (i.e. the price of one tablet, capsule or vial) in USD ($)
  2. Sources: British National Formulary 2010 [32]; Global Fund 2010 [54]; Management Sciences for Health 2009 [56]; personal communication, M. Price, 2010.