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Table 1 Global Responses and Progress in 2003

From: The Unite for Diabetes campaign: Overcoming constraints to find a global policy solution

Global Response Progress in 2003 Example
Global advocacy "What there is tends to be fragmented and risk-factor or disease specific"  
Partnerships and interactions "If widely implemented, changes [especially in food industry] could harness the benefits of globalization and promote health" WHO Strategy for Diet and Physical Activity, some progress with food (Kraft) and alcohol industry
Capacity and resources "national capacity for non-communicable disease prevention and control is weak and the institutional response to capacity development has not kept pace with epidemiological transition" NIH and Fogarty International Center
Global norms and standards "increasing need to establish global norms...treaties are not the solution to the complex issues related to nutrition transition or physical inactivity. Multistakeholder and intergovernmental mechanisms and other non-binding measures are better options, especially in relation to children" FCTC
Reorientation of health services Prevention, treatment and palliative care not implemented in most countries; focus on acute care