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Table 1 Overview of companies included in the study

From: Private sector, for-profit health providers in low and middle income countries: can they reach the poor at scale?

Program name Type of initiative Country Year establish-ed Health focus Clients served/number of beds Number of facilities operated
CARE Hospitals Chain of hospitals or clinics India 1997 Cardiology & other specialty services. Primary health care in urban and rural areas 450,000 outpatients, 30,000 admissions, 4,000 cardiac surgeries 12 hospitals and a number of clinics with a total of 1600 beds
Centro Ginecologico Integral (CEGIN) Network of providers Argentina 1989 Gynecology 40,000 patients per year 60 independent health providers in the network
Lifespring hospitals private Ltd. Chain of hospitals or clinics India 2005 Maternal and Child Health About 50,000 outpatient and inpatient consultations per year 9 hospitals with 20 beds each
Lumbini Eye Institute Chain of hospitals or clinics Nepal 1983 Eye care Provides 25% of eye care in Nepal, treating about 260,000 patients per year and performing 30,000 surgeries per year 1 main hospital with 215 beds, 3 secondary hospitals and a number of primary clinics
Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital (NH) Chain of hospitals or clinics India 2001 Chronic diseases (heart surgeries, cancer, orthopaedics, kidney disease) 6,000 operations per year which represents about 12% of heart surgeries in India. No estimates of patient numbers were found, but NH has about 3× capacity of CARE hospitals Currently has 5000 beds in India
Queen Mamohato Memorial Hospital Stand alone clinic or hospital Lesotho 2002/03 General primary, secondary and tertiary care About 187,000 patients per year 1 referral hospital and 3 filter clinics
Vaatsalya Hospitals Chain of hospitals or clinics India 2004 Primary and secondary care 400,000 patients 14 hospitals
Visualiza Chain of hospitals or clinics Guatemala 1997 Eye care Screens over 30,000 patients per year and performs 30% of cataract surgeries in Guatemala  
Viva Sehat (formerly Razi clinics) Chain of hospitals or clinics India 2009 General primary care About 230,00 patients per year 65 clinics in Hyderabad
Ziqitza Ambulance services India 2005 Eye services About 50,000 patients per year 90 ambulances