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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of six pregnant women who participated in the field test of the Thinking Healthy Program in Ha Nam province, Vietnam

From: Translation, cultural adaptation and field-testing of the Thinking Healthy Program for Vietnam

Socio-demographic characteristics
Mean age (range) years 21 (17 – 30)
Occupation (n)  
 Farmer 3
 Factory worker 2
 Student 1
Education level (n)  
 Completed secondary school 5
 Vocational high school training 1
Marital status (n)  
 Married 6
Perception of economic status (n)  
 Similar to other households in this area 6
Parity (n)  
 Nulliparous 4
 Multiparous 2
Number of household members over prior six months, median (range) 5 (4 – 6)
Persons participant living with in the same household (n)  
 Husband 6
 Mother-in-law 6
 Father-in-law 6
 Husband’s brother/sister 2
 Husband’s grandmother 1
 Mother 2
Reproductive health
 Median gestation (range) weeks 32.5 (28 – 35)
Current pregnancy (n)  
 Very welcome 6
Coincidental adverse events
 No current worrying or distressing coincidental life events 6
Relationship with partner
Ever experienced fear of husband over the past year (n)  
 Never 4
 Sometimes or often 2
Ever physically hurt by husband over last year (n)  
 Never 6