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Table 4 Estimates of the Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Interventions

From: Medicines and vaccines for the world's poorest: Is there any prospect for public-private cooperation?

  Intervention in Africa, 2000 Cost per life year saved
Prevention Blood Screening $3.35
  STD control & management for sex workers $3.95
  Voluntary Counseling & Testing $22.03
  Short-course ARV treatment for pregnant women (proposed) $140*
ARV treatment Generic Drugs (proposed) $140*
  Patented Drugs $560**
  Full price in 2000 $10707.09
  1. *Clinton Foundation deal with Indian generic makers; **Price to Africa of HAART from big firms Source: Masaki E. et al. "Cost-effectiveness of HIV Interventions for Resource Poor Countries: Setting Priorities for HIV/AIDS management