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Table 1 Documenting the CHIA process

From: Assessing the health impacts of transnational corporations: a case study of Carlton and United Breweries in Australia

Step Objective What we did Outcomes
Screening To decide whether a HIA is feasible, timely, and would add value to the decision making process The CHIA team identified Alcohol industry as suitable focus for further development of CHIA methodology. CUB identified as suitable candidate for Alcohol company operating in Australia Decision made to conduct a CHIA to inform development of CHIA methodology and also to provide evidence and recommendations to influence CUB practice in relation to CDoH.
Scoping To create a plan and timeline for conducting a HIA that defines priority issues, research questions and methods, and participant roles Scoping meeting held with the working group to determine focus of assessment. Identified:
Focus areas:
Estimated health impacts including CUB’s share of alcohol attributable fractions and death burden.
Focus populations: Australian population
Focus timeframes: Current
Geographic focus: Australia
Identification Collect evidence to identify potential health impacts Evidence compiled included:
• Corporate literature
• Media reports
• Semi-structured interviews with experts and key stakeholders
• Ecological analysis
Evidence summaries developed.
Assessments Synthesise and critically assess the information in order to prioritise health impacts:
To provide evidence based recommendations to mitigate negative and maximize positive health impacts.
Make decisions to reach a set of final recommendations for acting on the HIA’s findings.
A workshop with working group to discuss and validate the findings of the assessment and develop recommendations for policy options and response. CHIA framework populated
Draft recommendations.
Impact characterization.
Report on health impacts and recommendations To develop the HIA report and communicate findings and recommendations Findings compiled by the CHIA team. A paper for peer reviewed publication developed
Monitoring and evaluation Monitor and collate responses to HIA publication   Use findings from monitoring response to inform further development of framework and future application