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Table 1 An example of our search strategy

From: Strategies to expand corporate autonomy by the tobacco, alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverage industry: a scoping review of reviews

Database Concept Search terms
N = 1314
1) tobacco, alcohol, sugar-sweetened beverage “tobacco use”[mesh] OR “Tobacco Industry”[mesh] OR “Tobacco Products”[mesh] OR “Tobacco Smoking”[mesh] OR “Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems”[Mesh] OR “vaping”[Mesh] OR “vaping”[tw] OR “tobacco product*”[tw] OR “cigar*”[tw] OR “bidi*”[tw] OR “pipe tobacco*”[tw] OR “tobacco use”[tw] OR “smokeless tobacco*” OR “tobacco industry”[tw] OR “Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems”[tw] OR “alcohol industry”[tw] OR “Alcoholic Beverages”[mesh] OR “beer”[mesh] OR “wine”[mesh] OR “Alcoholic Beverage*”[tw] OR “liquor*”[tw] OR “beer”[tw] OR “wine”[tw] OR “Sugar-Sweetened Beverages”[mesh] OR “Artificially Sweetened Beverages”[mesh] OR “Sugar Sweetened Beverage*”[tw] OR “Sugar Added Beverage*”[tw] OR “Sugar Sweetened Soda*”[tw] OR “Sweetened Beverage*”[tw] OR “diet soda*”[tw] OR “diet beverage*”[tw] OR “soft drink*”[tw] OR “beverage industry”[tw]
2) corporation “Corporate”[tw] OR “industry”[tw] OR “company”[tw] OR “companies”[tw] OR “business”[tw] OR “firm”[tw] OR “firms”[tw]
3) tactics “Commerce”[Mesh:NoExp] OR “Marketing”[Mesh:NoExp] OR “Advertising”[mesh] OR “Direct-to-Consumer Advertising”[mesh] OR “advertising*”[tw] OR “marketing”[tw] OR “Direct to Consumer Marketing*”[tw] OR “tactics”[tw] OR “tactic”[tw] OR “strateg*”[tw] OR “interference*”[tw] OR “lobbying”[mesh] OR “lobby*”[tw] OR “public opinion”[tw] OR “polic*”[tw] OR “influence”[tw] OR “corrupt*”[tw]
4) review/qualitative synthesis “Review” [Publication Type] OR “review”[tw] OR “qualitative synthesis”[tw] OR “qualitative evidence synthesis”[tw] OR “industry document*”[tw] OR “Documentation*”[Mesh]