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Table 1 List of variables

From: FCTC ratification, smoking prevalence, and GDP per capita: lessons for Indonesia and the rest of the world

Variables Description Source
Smoking Prevalence Percentage of male smoking prevalence based on males who currently smoke any tobacco product World Bank
Excise Tax Percentage of cigarette excise taxes WHO
Productive Age Percentage working-age population out of total population. The working-age is defined as those aged 15 to 64 World Bank
Mean Years of Schooling Average years of education amongst population Our World in Data
Exchange Rate Exchange rate of each country to the US dollar World Bank
Consumer Price
Changes in the price level of goods and services purchased by consumers World Bank
Value-Added Agriculture Value-added agriculture calculated as a percent of GDP World Bank
Index scoring to measure the country democracy Economist Intelligence Unit
Index scoring based on perceptions of government corruption Transparency International
Openness The difference between total exports and imports of goods and services measured as a share of GDP World Bank
Time count of ratification Duration since country ratified of FCTC (in years) WHO
  1. Source: Author’s definition