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Table 1 Inclusion criteria

From: International investment liberalization, transnational corporations and NCD prevention policy non-decisions: a realist review on the political economy of tobacco, alcohol and ultra-processed food

Include the article if
• It contains ‘nuggets’ of evidence that provide insight into the review questions, such that even where the aims of the study diverge from the main focus of this review, if a ‘nugget’ of evidence relevant to the review questions is provided, this article is included.
• It is assessed to go beyond a superficial description or commentary, i.e. is a competent attempt at research, enquiry, investigation or study 58. This can include qualitative studies using key informant interviews and policy document reviews, surveys, expert legal analyses, case studies, reviews of primary research (if the method was stated) or descriptive models/frameworks (if based on primary data).
Exclude the article if
• The focus is on agricultural policy, food safety, genetically modified foods/GM food labelling, or biotechnology.
• It analyses trade and/or investment agreements or an ISDS/WTO dispute but does not also explicitly analyze the impacts (or potential impacts) on health policy processes (prospectively or retrospectively) OR on policy space
• It examines how trade and/or investment liberalization impacted on health determinants and outcomes but not on health policy processes.
• Books and book chapters.