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Table 2 Taxonomy of boosts showing examples of boosts referring to three categories: risk literacy boosts, uncertainty management boosts, and motivational boosts

From: Tools for public health policy: nudges and boosts as active support of the law in special situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic

Risk literacy boosts Uncertainty management boosts Motivational boosts
1. Graphical representations 1. Simple actuarial inferential methods 1. Expressive writing
2. Experienced-based representations 2. Simple rules of collective intelligence 2. Growth-mindset or sense-of-purpose exercises
3. Representations avoiding biasing framing effects 3. Fast and frugal decision trees, simple heuristics, & procedural routines 3. Attention and attention-state training
4. Brief training in transforming opaque representations
5. Training of general math skills
4. Inoculation strategies 4. Psychological connectedness training
5. Reward-bundling exercises
6. Implementation intentions & other use of automatic processes
7. Precommitment strategies
8. Self-control strategies
  1. This taxonomy is based on Hertwig & Grüne-Yanoff [15], and further developed as suggested by Kozyreva et al. [19]