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Table 1 Member states’ financial support to the WHO in relation to their military expenditures: assessments remain low despite two decades of economic growth

From: Strengthening the WHO in the pandemic era by removing a persistent structural defect in financing

  1. Data sources: Member assessment data are from World Health Organization ‘Funding by contributor’ datasets [7]. World Bank datasets were used to calculate percentage increases in per-capita GDP (constant $US, 2010 equivalence) [16]. Military expenditure data are from the SIPRI Military Expenditure Database (constant $US, 2019 equivalence) [17]
  2. Table 1 notes:
  3. 1. Member assessment level groups (A-E) were created by the authors as a convenient way to summarize data. The data summarized here represent 194 WHO members and 2 associate members. (See supplementary material for a list of countries within each group)
  4. 2. 20-year percentage increases in per-capita GDP are means of member country increases/decreases within each assessment-level group
  5. 3. WHO member assessment figures and military expenditure figures are sums of member country amounts within each assessment-level group (in $US millions)
  6. 4. Figures are imprecise because we created group-level values by summing individual-country values that were rounded in the source datasets in some cases. In addition, we calculated means over a 4-year period (with per-capita GDP data) and over a 5-year period (with military expenditure data) to account for year-to-year variation and occasional missing values