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Table 1 Interview participant characteristics

From: Who influences nutrition policy space using international trade and investment agreements? A global stakeholder analysis

Participant characteristics (N = 22)
Policy area interviewed Geographic region Sector Discipline
Labelling (n=9)
Marketing (n=9)
Nutrient composition (n=4)
Australasia (n=9)
Latin America & the Caribbean (n=7)
Europe & UK (n=3)
North America (n=2)
Sub-Saharan Africa (n=1)
Non-government organisation (n=19)
Academic (n=16)
Public sector (n=2)
Private sector (n=1)
Inter-government organisation (n=1)
Trade law (n=12)
Investment law (n=7)
Public health nutrition (n=8)
  1. Note: while we have shown the regional distribution of participants, most had global expertise and perspectives. Characteristics of policy area interviewed and region are discrete, but participants often belonged to more than one sector and were working under more than one discipline