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Table 2 Study Characteristics of Included Studies

From: A chair at the table: a scoping review of the participation of refugees in community-based participatory research in healthcare

First Author Last Name Year of Publication Race & Ethnicity Data Captured (Yes/No) Race & Ethnicity Data Age of Study Population Purpose of CBPR
Afifi 2011 Yes Palestinian Adolescents Mental health
Baird 2015 Yes South Sudanese Adulthood Women’s mental health, sexually transmitted infections, parenting
Betancourt 2020 Yes Bhutanese, Somali Bantu All Ages Mental health
Goodkind 2017 Yes Hmong, Great Lakes Region African, and Iraqi Refugees Adulthood Social support intervention
Grigg-Saito 2008 Yes Cambodian Adulthood Cardiovascular health and diabetes
Guerin 2006 Yes Africa (Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan and Nigeria) and Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria) Adulthood Reproductive health (female genital cutting advocacy)
Gustafson 2013 Yes Sudanese Adulthood Domestic violence
Miller 2020 Yes Palestinian Refugees Adulthood Parenting
Pavlish 2017 Yes Congolese Refugees Adulthood Women’s health
Riggs 2017 Yes Karen Refugees Adulthood Pregnancy and women’s health
Signorelli 2015 Yes Karen and Mandaean Adulthood Mental health
Stewart 2011 Yes Sudanese and Somali Adulthood Mental health
Tanabe 2018 Yes Bhutanese All Ages Reproductive health and disability inclusion
Warner 2019 No All Ages Mental health