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Table 7 Major insights and future research directions from the literature review

From: Advancing sustainable development goals through immunization: a literature review

Current state insights
Immunization definitely impacts many of the SDGs, both directly and indirectly. Environmental-economic-health effects induce several reinforcing loops.
The major challenges with respect to sustainable control of vaccine preventable diseases are both supply and demand side related.
Demand side Supply side
Access to immunization services Global vaccine availability
Safe and affordable vaccines Local/regional vaccine production
Context dependent vaccine effectiveness Public-private partnerships
  Immunization capacity/capability building
Future directions
Modeling and implementation research for supporting SDG-promoting immunization system interventions in the light of the Immunization Agenda 2030.
Modeling Implementation
Connecting interventions in immunization with SDG outcomes Design for system resilience
Transdisciplinary modeling Designing interventions and their implementation simultaneously
Model coordination and synergies Offering tailored solutions
  Integration of services and partnerships