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Table 1 Submitter identity classifications. The following shows the categories of stakeholders that submitted comments to the Docket, and a description of each stakeholder type

From: Intellectual property and access to medicines: mapping public attitudes toward pharmaceuticals during the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) negotiation process

Submitter Type Description
Academia Submitter is affiliated with or writing on behalf of a university, college, research centre, or think tank.
Civil Society Submitter is affiliated with or writing on behalf of a civil society organization (e.g., non-governmental organization, non-profit, advocacy group). Submitter may also be a representative of a civil society group submitting a comment on behalf of its members.
Government Submitter is a member of elected government or a government worker writing on behalf of their employing office.
Individual Submitter is unaffiliated with any group or organization.
Industry Submitter is writing on behalf of a company in the pharmaceutical industry (including both originator and generic manufacturers), a pharmaceutical industry trade association, or a broad multi-industry coalition whose members include companies in the pharmaceutical industry.
Professional Association Submitter is writing on behalf of a professional association (e.g., trade unions).