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Table 3 Mitigatory Measures to Close the Care Delivery Gaps for NCDs Patients

From: A qualitative exploratory study of selected physicians’ perceptions of the management of non-communicable diseases at a referral hospital in Zimbabwe

Possible mitigatory measures that could be implemented Percentage (%)
Mandatory hospital-based tutoring for the public 7
Educational awareness campaigns 14
Better information dissemination through the media 7
A policy that speaks to NCDs 7
Free treatment at designated hospitals 10
Integration of health provision 6
Decentralization of NCD clinics to district hospitals 4
Screening tests at each clinic visit 5
Availing of funding from central government and development partners 12
Set up specific NCD clinics and help support them by providing adequate stocks of medication and laboratory equipment support 3
Affordable health insurance schemes 10
Give flexible timetables for patients’ visits 7
Procure medicines on time 7