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Table 2 Challenges faced by Doctors providing quality NCD clinical care at CCH

From: A qualitative exploratory study of selected physicians’ perceptions of the management of non-communicable diseases at a referral hospital in Zimbabwe

Financial Challenges Patient Behavioral Challenges
No money for laboratory tests. Non-compliance with lifestyle changes and denial.
Unavailability of affordable screening services. Non-compliance with treatment.
Drugs are unaffordable. Religious and Traditional beliefs which cause bad health-seeking behavior.
Lack of funding from government. Lack of co-operation from patients.
Supply Chain Challenges Communication Challenges
Shortages of screening tools and equipment for tests. No clear guidelines for NCD patients.
Unavailability of drugs. Poor information dissemination.
Shortages of advanced equipment. A lack of basic knowledge about risk factors by the populace.
Care provider challenges  
No special testing laboratories.  
Shortages of specialists.  
Lack of expertise to support the patients.